Dream Come True Team (DCTT)

After 6840 days of refining, RA-TECH has fully transformed!  2014 is a new beginning!  “Dream Come True Team (DCTT) “ will power up all the sources and launch from now on!  Make a wish list! 

2014, we are ready!
RA-TECH has put all the talents and latest equipments together, and establish a "DCTT" in the belief  of "Dreams come true".
We try to change the traditional mode on business to keep developers and users much closer.  DCTT will communicate with consumers face to face on official website and facebook.
"DCTT" 01
In recent years, AAC BLK .300 has popped up from the firearm market and swapped the airsoft world like a wildfire.
Would it be the same for RA-TECH's first try on "forged aluminum and hard anode" upper & lower receiver?
Check it out!
"DCTT" 02
RA-TECH has been authorized by famous brand "ZEV Technologies- Glock WORX".
Let's experience the GBB from RA-TECH and ZEV and create your own style!
"DCTT" 03
Jackson County is located in central Mississippi where the policemen are in charge of the public safety and order of one hundred and seventy thousand citizens until the retirement. Their government made this pistol as the praise thanks to their contributions.
The slide is carved with U.S. Marines, STATE POLICE and Jackson County policemen badge, and distributed to several units.
The whole pistol is made of stainless steel in half man-made processing.
This will RA-TECH's first high-end colletion and limited edition pistol.
"DCTT" 04
On Feb. 22, 1991, the Operation Desert Dagger started.  1st Marines Division (United States) made a rapid march on Arabian Peninsula, equipped with "DESERT STORM" (words in English and Arabian) carved pistols.  Those words represent the significant operation!
GO! Let's re-present the operation with RA-TECH DCTT!
"DCTT" 05
Comrades! German force's "Operation Typhoon"  is ending. Take out your TT-33 "Here comes the Death -  invader" limited edition pistol. 
Smack the enemy out of the Mozhaysk defense!
"DCTT" 06
Fish-scale pattern seems very easy when you look at it.
But what a real fish-scale pattern should be?
RA-TECH DCTT will let you know.
RA-TECH DCTT will be at AST phisical store(TAIPEI) soon.
Make your dreams come true! Make a wish list!
Details shown on AST website.
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