RENEGADE M40A5 7.62 Cal. Flash Hider (R ver.)

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ltem no:RA-At-G-renegade-001



  • CNC Steel
  • Compatible with VFC M40A5 or 14mm CCW barrels


Mount real accessories on our airsoft weapons is always a dream for 
airsoft player,because they are so difficult to buy and expensive. 
RENEGADE try tomake your dreams come true by build high quality 
accessories, which similer like real, but actually dedicated to airsoft.
After waiting for a long time, we finally make it, nearly 100% 
replica. And only 100 pieces, each has it’s own serial number. And 
the serial number won’t be reused after sold.
The biggest different between the replica and real, is we build this 


with 14mm ccw. That’s also common for airsoft.


Test movie link:

Price:$ 100 USD